Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Blessed Life - Year 1

Year 1

See the hospital up there?

I was born there. At least I think I was (I can't really remember...I mean c'mon I was a wee lil' lad).

We lived for a few months in Lexington, Ky but then moved to Nicholasville, Ky in a rural area (which by the way is not really much of a rural area today).

My interests at this time were eating and sleeping...that is pretty much it.

In my first year I got to know my older brother Dale (who is 5 years older) and apparently had a dog which I do not remember. All in all it was a good 1st year of life (but then again, what do I know...I had just been born!)

I plan on periodically posting my life on here...that will be good for at least 4osomething posts. I guess it would be good if I researched those early years a little more. When I post year 80something I can go back and remember what the old days were like. Who am I kidding? We will probably be using something unique and new...I hear there is this new concept called paper...where you actually use some kind of writing utensil to post things. That sounds awesome!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School Days

Our school system is now in its 2nd full week of school. New teachers, new classes, purchase of supplies, figuring out bus stops, etc. Our family finds itself in a unique situation. We live in the far reaches of one county (which the closest school is about 25 miles) we are near another county ( in which other schools are 10-12 miles from us) and also near a 3rd county (which the elementary and middle schools are 10-12 miles from us and the high school is about 20 miles away). Last year when we moved here we chose the 3rd county because there were several kids from church that our kids would know.

That was fine last year, because all of our kids were in the same school, but our son Bailey is in 8th grade and in their school system that is considered High School. In addition to this, he is in High School Band and it is Marching Band season. Needless to say we are traveling quite a bit between bus stops, picking Bailey up after afternoon band practice, other school activities etc.

Because of all of this travel and the need to conserve gas I am practicing the art of multi-tasking while in the vehicle. As a pastor I have been visiting on some of these afternoons and also I have been using some of the time to read or work on sermons. The best thing is that I have some quiet time to spend in prayer. It's not that I can't find other quiet time, but it seems that when I am going to and from places by myself that I have some of my best prayer time.

I just think it is interesting that sometimes in the midst of chaos such as figuring out schedules and wading through the start of school, that God still shines through. Sometimes in the midst of busyness, I find myself stressed. Unless I am careful, I don't take that time, or even worse waste it doing something useless. As often as possible I think we should quietly listen for God as he speaks through all that is going on around us.