Friday, September 23, 2011

A Blessed Life - Year 3

One of my most vivid memories from my young years was spending time at my babysitter's house. Mrs. Hensley lived less than a mile away and as I got older my brother found ourselves playing there quite a bit. My love for a certain food goes all the way back to Mrs. Hensley's house. ----Cold Biscuits.

My mother and father both worked day shift at the time and I was dropped off at Mrs. Hensley's house early morning. The Hensley's had a farm and so they had always eaten breakfast before I got there, but there were always biscuits left on the stove and I was always offered one. To this day I still love cold biscuits. I guess to me it is a comfort food that takes me back to childhood.

The other memory from Mrs. Hensley's is helping her daughter Elizabeth learn to walk. Elizabeth was only one I guess, but I held her hand and walked and walked around the house.

I had many memories from my time at the Hensley's - farm life, riding a horse, apple trees and lots and lots of love. I am so appreciative for a loving place to go when I was so young.

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