Friday, September 02, 2011

From Friday Night Lights to Sunday Morning

Tonight is the first Home football game of the season, I really haven't had a whole lot invested in High School Football for a couple of years, since I haven't had a child in high school since 2008. Tonight I am back to the Friday Night Lights, the crowd, the cheers, the excitement.

I love football, I wish at some point in my youth that I had played. To me, it is much more exciting than 9 innings of baseball or even 4 quarters of basketball.

On Friday nights there are people that I come into contact with, that have a common goal. People from all walks of life, coming to cheer on their team. It doesn't matter at that point if a person is a Doctor, a Lawyer, jobless or even homeless. Heck, you can even be a preacher! At that point, there is a common goal, to cheer on your team. There is excitement when that crowd gathers together.

I think church should be very much like a football game with one exception. We should be excited, we should have a common goal, we should be supporting others, we should have everything in common. The one BIG exception is that there should be involvement. In a sense, instead of just observing, we should be INVOLVED by either playing or coaching.

There are too many churches and christians that have created an atmosphere of observing instead of participating. What would the church look like if we all got a little dirty and got busy? Is it time for some Sunday Morning Lights?

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